How it Works

WARRANTY/ GUARANTEE:  if the Kikgard Shield fails we will pay the Homeowners insurance deductible for the repair. That’s how sure we are of the Kikgard Shield solution. 

One of the most common ways forced entry occurs is through a swift kick to the door. This is because the doorjamb, the part of the door that the deadbolt enters, is the weakest part of any door. Held together by only ½ inch of wood, the doorjamb simply breaks when force is applied to it, allowing burglars quick and easy access to your home.

The doorjamb is held together by only ½ inch of wood, and, in order to attach strike plates, screw holes are drilled into the face of the jamb. These screw holes create a “Swiss cheese” effect and weaken the jamb even more.

The KIKGARD Shield reinforces the doorjamb and protects against burglary by trapping these screw holes between two 14-gauge steel flanges. Additionally, because the Shield is attached to the side edges of the jamb, not the face area, no force is placed on the screws.

The KIKGARD is a thin piece of solid steel that won’t bend or break. The U-shaped device encloses the entire width of your doorjamb wood, so that when an intruder attempts to break through the door, he would have to kick through the existing doorjamb plus the solid sheet of steel to gain entry.

Sound difficult? Consider this: The KIKGARD Shield has been tested to withstand a bearing load of over 14,000 lbs. The strongest kick every recorded was by a 10th degree black-belt at 460 lbs. The average intruder commits burglaries at random and without planning, making it extremely unlikely they have the assailants will have the tools or the strength needed to break through the KIKGARD.

KIKGARD: Your Partner in Defense

The KIKGARD Shield is your greatest defense mechanism against burglars. Snatch-and-grabs can take place within seconds of gaining entry to the home, and the average response time from police is 12 minutes, so while alarm systems may increase the chance of the intruder getting caught, or decrease the time they spend in the house, they do not deter the actual act of breaking and entering.

KIKGARD essentially eliminates the threat of a burglar by barring the intruder from entering. According to FBI statistics, the average would-be burglar spends less than 60 second attempting entry – if a home is too difficult to break in to, they typically move on and find an easier target.

Make your home that difficult target. Protect your home and your family with the KIKGARD Shield. Find a list of distributors near you.