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With the KIKGARD your Entry will look like a normal door

Kikgard Shield works the same way for the door Hinges.WARRANTY/ GUARANTEE:  if the Kikgard Shield fails we will pay the Homeowners insurance deductible for the repair. That’s how sure we are of the Kikgard Shield solution. 


For years, suppliers, builders, developers and homeowners have been searching for a doorjamb reinforcement device that goes beyond heavy strike plates or attachments. These products are useless against a good, swift kick by a would-be intruder.

Until the invention of the KIKGARD Shield, all doorjamb reinforcements had to be installed after the door was in place. This flaw in design left it up to the homeowner to deal with the problem, which included limited product options and increased labor cost. The KIKGARD Shield can be completely installed in the door system from the factory, drastically reducing cost and keeping your family safe from the moment you move in.

The KIKGARD is a one-of a kind, patented device that virtually turns wooden doorjambs into steel and is rapidly becoming an industry standard on all new home construction. Attached to the doorjamb–the part of the door that breaks during a forced entry–this simple, yet highly effective device is an inexpensive way to save money by reducing construction break-ins, as well as providing you with a valuable addition to your buyers’ home security package.

You owe it to yourself, your business and your customers to install the KIKGARD



  • Increases Safety
  • Inexpensive
  • Easy to Install
  • Not visible when installed
  • Proven to increase strength on doors

The KIKGARD can easily be installed by your door supplier on any door with a wooden doorframe, including French doors. The doors arrive on the job site with the KIKGARD completely installed. Nothing to do but install the doors. The KIKGARD will not rust, bend or weaken, and will actually last longer than the home to which it is attached.

The KIKGARD is a home security device. Everyone needs true doorjamb reinforcement. Should you even have to ask?