The Kikgard has a zero complaint and failure recorded since it was invention. But we wanted more independent evidence so we had the Kikgard Shield tested by Underwriters Laboratories for ASTM F476 which is a internationally accepted test for Impact Forced Entry. In this test Kikgard Acheived the Highest Level Possible Grade 40.  We then presented this testing data to ICC (International Code Council, IBC (International Builders Code for Listings and Evaluation. After a very extensive and detailed process Kikgard Shield was approved and granted a listing in the Builders code ESL-1411.  Kikgard Shield is currently be used by many Homebuilders and Multihome Builders across the country.  Now every door system can come with effective and proven reinforcement already built into the door system. With the Kikgard Shield door system are better and homes are safer for families.

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