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Everyone needs true doorjamb reinforcement. Should you even have to ask?

KIKGARD understands that your priority as a homeowner is to protect your loved ones and your possessions. Whether you’re finally building the dream home you’ve always wanted or you’re remodeling your present home, safety is always a priority. But unless you’ve talked to your builder about installing the KIKGARD Shield, you’re not getting the protection you and your family deserve.

Most homeowners believe that door systems are complete and that the three parts of a door – the lock, the door, and the doorjamb – are of equal strength. The building industry knows that the doorjamb is actually the weakest part of the door, and is the part that breaks during forced entry.

Until recently, the only products available to reinforce your door locking system were heavy strike plates or devices that attached to the door. Because these products did not address the doorjamb fault, they weren’t really securing the door. An intruder can forcibly enter your home with only one swift kick, breaking the doorjamb, not the door!

The KIKGARD Shield is a doorjamb reinforcement device that protects your home by virtually turning your wooden doorjamb into steel. Made of 14-gauge steel, the U-shaped KIKGARD encloses the entire doorjamb, and won’t rust, bend or weaken over time.

This simple but effective device is inexpensive and easy for the door manufacturer to install.

Home Buyer Benefits Include:

  • Not visible once installed
  • Easy to install
  • Reinforces the doorjamb
  • Real door security device
  • Completes your door locking system
  • Does not change the appearance of your door systems.

If your builder does not install the KIKGARD, find one who will. It’s that important.