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When it comes to building homes, quality – and safety – begins from the ground up. The team at KIKGARD knows that safety is one of the top concerns for homebuyers, and that they expect builders to deliver on the promise that a home is a safe place for them and their family.

The KIKGARD Shield can help you keep that promise.

Made from 14-gauge steel, the KIKGARD Shield is attached to the doorjamb – the part of the door that breaks during forced entry – essentially turning the doorjamb to steel and protecting the home from intruders. This simple, highly effective device is an inexpensive way to provide your buyers with a valuable addition to their home security package.

The KIKGARD shield comes with a number of benefits to offer your home buyers, including:

  • Increased safety
  • Not visible when installed
  • Increased door strength
  • Long-lasting

The KIKGARD can be easily installed by your door supplier on any door with a wooden door frame, including French doors. Your door systems can then be delivered to your job site, ready to install.

Give your home buyers the gift of safety. Install the KIKGARD Shield on all your doors.

For more information on our KIKGARD metal door jammers, send us an email to request a brochure, price sheet, list of our suppliers, or to arrange for a representative to contact you.

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