The two most common ways that attempts to solve the door jamb problem are long screws and flat plates  to the front or to the back of the jamb. A strike plate is just a flat plate of metal putting it on the back or front of the jamb makes little impact difference.  The purpose of the Strike plate is to decorate the hole drilling into the jamb that will receive the deadbolt throw.  This is not intended to resist forced impact. A longer and larger strike plate add nothing to the jambs strength either other than being ugly. So they decided adding long 3-4 inch screws is the answer. But  if you could look closely you would see these screws barely catch the edge of the soft pine 2×4 stud. Over time the chemical reaction with the metal screw and wood will weaken the grip and the stud will split and fall apart just like the jamb. Studying all of the failed options the Kikgard Shield invented and received a USA patent as a final solution to the doorjamb problem.

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