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With the KIKGARD your Entry will look like a normal door


WARRANTY/ GUARANTEE: if the Kikgard Shield fails we will pay the Homeowners insurance deductible for the repair. That’s how sure we are of the Kikgard Shield solution.

The team at KIKGARD Inc. understands that the building industry can be competitive, and that builders are constantly seeking better and more innovative products to attract buyers.

Although the quality of entry doors and locks has improved over time, the one area of the door system that has remained basically unchanged is the doorjamb, the weakest part of all door systems.

The KIKGARD Shield has changed that. The KIKGARD Shield is a one-of-a-kind, advanced device that reinforces the doorjamb so effectively that it virtually turns the wooden doorjamb into steel.

Impress your builders with the KIKGARD Shield. Your builder will benefit by seeing a drastic reduction in construction-site break-ins, while you benefit from the effective, lasting protection of your home and investment.

Your builders and their buyers deserve the best products your company can provide. Give them the best. Give them KIKGARD.

Distributors benefits Include:

  • Quality Product
  • Inexpensive
  • #1 standard for door safety
  • #1 standard for door safety

The KIKGARD is a quality doorjamb device protected by U.S. Patent 6,082,049.